08 November 2010

Thankful 30-Day 8 and a bento

Good Morning to you!  Welcome to week 2 of this Thankful 30 journal challenge :)
I am sooo excited for this week.  There is so much happening and most of it is really fun.

1.  Parent Teacher Conferences
2.  My Mom's birthday
3. Half day on Thursday.
4.  Adam and I are hosting some children at our home this week (I'll share more on that later)
5.  No School Friday
6.  Our annual women's retreat
7.  Adam's birthday!!

Busy and fun!
Ok, on to my journal page:

Day 8:  I am very thankful for my cell phone :)

Also, I never did upload my pics of my bento lunch from the other day but here is the bento that I made for today!! 

I think Im doing pretty good for not having hardly any cute supplies!  I found some cookie cutters in a cabinet to help me with my star shaped sandwiches :)  Im loving this healthier, and cuter style.


  1. Hahahah, this made me laugh! Adorable.

  2. are those silicone cupcake "papers"?

  3. ahhhhh your bento makes me want to do it too. I think once I graduate in December and have more time to play with stuff like that, I will try it. It would be a good healthy alternative and I would enjoy it more. haha


  4. Awww thanks ladies!! They really are so much fun to make and they honestly don't take up much more time.

    Chrissy- Yes! They are the silicone cupcake liners. I got a pack of them in the dollar spot at Target :) Score!

  5. So cute! I need to do this for the boys! They'd love it.

    Please add to your list "catch up with jamie". K? Thanks.

    Happy Monday!!! Miss your face!!!! xoxoxo

  6. I so want and Iphone!
    I am really loving all of your pages! Here are a couple more of mine.

  7. OMG super cutiest lunch EVER!!!! I need to get some of that stuff so I can do the same <3 Love you sister


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