07 November 2010

Thankful 30-Day 7

Happy Sunday!!
Yay! Adam is back from Massachusetts and he had the most wonderful time with his family.
You have no idea how badly I wish we were all closer :(
I miss them so much.
I am going to be back today with a post about "Orphan Sunday" (which is today), so check back!!

Until then, here is my Thankful 30 journal page for today!!

Day 7:  I am thankful for mail :)
Especially good mail, from dear friends, or letters from my dad, or packages, or cards...
I love love love mail. I stalk my mailbox when I am home.
Mail is my favorite and it makes me so happy.


  1. what a great thing to be thankful for. living so far away from home i live on mail! snail mail is so wonderful. i love your repsentation of how specail mail can be (i also adore your blog!)

  2. Ooo I love mail too! :)

  3. i miss our days of special packages. :(

    but i love this page

  4. what an adorable page! I love all the cute hearts everywhere!


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