19 November 2010

weekend to-dos

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I feel like I have so much to do this weekend.
I thought that since I love making lists and sharing them for accountability purposes on my blog, I would make a little weekend To-Do List.

1.  go to the post office
2.  put up Christmas tree
3.  make paper chains and snowflakes
4.  hang stockings and advent calendar
5.  put together the nativity 
6.  go see Harry Potter!!!
7.  make holiday wreath
8.  get pink yarn
9. finish the afghan 
10.  put scrapbook pages together for Aunt Sue
11.  paint my mom's bedroom 
12. check out Letterboxing

Ok, here's to getting all of that done :)  We shall see!
Oh and I also have the winners for this week's WONDERFUL giveaways!!

*  The winner of the two gorgeous postcard sets from All the Luck in the World is...

Yay! Email me your address and I will get the information out asap :)

* and the winner of the amazing print from Sunny Champagne is...

Awesome!! Email me your address, your print choice, and the size you would like the print to be!!

Oh my goodness gracious, I am so excited about the giveaways coming up next week so please please please check back next week for more goodies :)
Have an amazing Friday my friends.


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  1. What a to-do list. My list is no where near that.
    make dinner -----heehee

    I wish you luck on crossing most or all of them off.
    miss reading your blog and miss you gina


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