25 November 2010

true life: janel

My cute friend Jules posted a blog the other day and shared 15 random facts about herself. I love reading random facts about people, especially blog friends because it makes me feel like I know them more.
Anyway, it inspired me to write a little list of 10 random facts about myself.

1.  I go through hobbies, like they are going out of style.  Not only do I go through them, I get into them big time. For example: rock climbing. I was hard core for like 2 months, bought all of the equipment I would ever need, and haven't been in like forever :)  That's how I roll. I get from my dad.  I like to say we are well-rounded.

2.  I carry a 2$ bill around with me everywhere. It was from my grandpa :)  He gave me one when I was a little kid and I have carried it with me ever since.  I also have a special 2$ bill from my dad and now I have one from Adam as well.

3.  When I love a song, I write all of the lyrics down.  Like I listen, press pause, write the words, listen, press pause, etc.  I don't have like a special notebook or even a real reason.  I just write it down on something.  I think it helps me show my love for the song.

4.  I've never ridden a roller coaster before. like ever. and I never will :)

5.  glitter never gets old in my book :) I loooooove it.

6.  I read like 15 books a month.  It's kind of ridiculous.

7.  I could go the rest of my life with no television channels besides Bravo.  And the Sleuth channel because I watch Monk at 6:00pm every night.

8.  My sister and I both have the same middle name (Renee).  My mom wanted us to have an immediate common bond to share right from the get go.  I love it.

9.  Speaking of my sister, she's pretty much my favorite :)

10.   I love the old black and white Charlie Chan movies. love them.

There you go.  Do we have any random things in common?
I double dare you to post some random facts about yourself in the comment section so that I can get to know you better!! Deal?

Oh, and BTW:
I've already listed some spots in my etsy shop for anyone who wanted to secure a spot early or surprise a friend with a holiday gift of journal inspiration :)
I'm so excited about this class!
It's going to be the best one ever!!!
Also, keep checking the shop this week because I will be updating it every day with loads and loads of lovely!



  1. A great idea! I have a couple of things in common with you...
    1) Never ridden a roller coaster, never will.
    2) I have a $1 bill and a $2 bill that my grandpa gave me that I keep tucked away in my dictionary in a protective sleeve :)
    3) I hate carnations and yet hubby buys them for me once in a while in an extremely large bouquet and in 16 years of marriage I have never told him--because I think it's sweet.
    Have a great day and weekend! xo

  2. So fun! We definitely share some random things liiiike the hobbies and the glitter.

    10 quick things about me:
    1. I'm a theatre major, but i plan on being a photographer/wedding planner when I get out of school.
    2. I'm obsessed with kitties.
    3. I'm getting married in... almost 10 months!
    4. My biggest hobby is hoop dance.
    5. I collect cat figurines, snowglobes, and corsets.
    6. My mom and I are getting matching wing tattoos before i get married.
    7. When I'm in a store I have this thing where I subconsciously touch all the clothes i pass. Its strange and evidently my mom does the same thing.
    8. I went to Japan almost two months ago now and left my heart there :)
    9. I want to learn to make crepes!
    10. I STILL sleep with my stuffed lion I got when I was five. I don't know why but I feel bad if he's just sitting somewhere by himself. I blame toy story for this...

    Happy Thanksgiving! <3

  3. So I came across your blog and for the past half hour have been scrolling through your posts. You are thankful for so much!!!! It's sweet that you turned it into a little book :) what a fun little project! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and expect to see me pop in every now and then -- your blog is just too cute!!!

  4. I love this! =] I think I'm going to have to do this, I'll link back to you!
    Oh! and I love your toms! I got the same ones around a week or so ago, and they haven't left my feet! =] I like to say it's because it's the holiday season(although I know I'm going to be wearing them all year around)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Jess Marie

  5. 2$ bills are so old-fashioned and cool. I used to have a surrogate grandpa who traded letters with me when I was little, and he always sent me a brand-new 2$ bill. :) I totally do the play-pause-write-play thing to learn song lyrics, too! ^_^

    I hope I'll be able to sign up for your 2011 class! I'm not sure what will be going on then or how busy I'll be, but hopefully things will work out so I can. :)

    By the way, I am sharing a blog award with you!
    There is a post about it here:

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  6. I write down lyrics too! For no real reason except I just like the words! ;)
    I'm interested in your class!! If I can come up with some money... :/
    Happy Thanksgiving friend!
    xo, Jamie

  7. i watched every episode of monk! roller coasters are my favoite! i read like crazy.. love books! i love janel! happy thanksgiving

  8. I keep a $10 bill in my wallet from a bet I won (a NASCAR race -my man Jimmie Johnson was in the top 5 and the guy I worked w/sd it couldn't happen- he is a Kyle Busch fan). that was the 2nd $10 he lost to me. But the first was a $5 and ones so this 2nd bet I just kept the $10 bill. Won't ever spend it unless I have a dire emergency. lol

    I used to ride roller coasters now I don't get on them.

    My daughter's each gave their own daughters their sister's middle names. (ask Linds she will explain)

  9. We both read tons of books!! I am so curious to what books you like!!

    & the pita blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!

  10. So, I've been doing your 30 day challenge from June this month and I am so loving it! You have inspired me to get back into sketching. Thx for that! Random things...
    1. I love the color pink...alot.
    2. I collect hello kitty things.
    3. I love to read.
    4. I like to listen more than I like to talk.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I also go through hobbies like they are going out of style. I'd much rather give gifts than get them. I love being a waitress but i hate how rude guests can be. I love to read but have no time. I can't wait to become a teacher!
    I love your 15 random facts, those are just a few of mine.

    PS_ i will probably sign up for your class after i get some Christmas money :) so exciting!


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