10 November 2010


Yesterday, Adam came home from work, feeling really yuck.  His throat was really sore and he felt all achy and just blah.  We got him some allergy medicine and filled him with hot tea and he felt much better :)
This morning, I woke up really early feeling really yuck.  My throat is sooooo sore and I feel all achy and just blah.  I hate medicine and I don't drink tea so Im still very very blah.
I am at school for 12 hours today because it's Parent Teacher conferences.  It is so hard to teach and be sociable when it hurts to talk.  My sweet sweet prince of a husband brought me some Hot Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks to help with the throat and my sweet sweet custodian brought me some honey to suck on.  But seriously, I need my bed right.this.second.
Tomorrow is another 12 hour school day!

And so this isn't the whiny-est post you have ever read, I will now turn to the positive.  Since I awoke so early this morning I was able to catch the sunrise.
 It was the most amazing hot pink color ever.
That was the plus side :)


  1. how sweet! feel better soon!

  2. Poor thing !!!!! You have every right to whine (for what it's worth, I personally don't think you sounded whiny!) because you don't feel good. It's never fun to feel oogie!

    I hope you (and Adam too!!) feel better super duper soon!


  3. hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better soon sweet (:

  5. you need to find a Vietnamese restaurant and get you some pho (it's a soupy dish) and then (if you're ok with spicy) put some "rooster" sauce in it. ok. it's not called rooster sauce, and if you ask someone for rooster sauce they will probably look at you funny, but it's a bottle with a big rooster on it and a bunch of Chinese writing (and i don't read Chinese, so it was dubbed rooster sauce) you can get it at walmart over by the Asian food. and if your walmart is like mine, it's on the top shelf... anyways it's good stuff and the pho will really make you feel a lot better. i wish you lived closer.. we have a hole in the wall here that serves pho and it is amazing....
    feel better friend

  6. Love those! I just had my first one of the season the other day. Hope you feel better soon!


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