19 November 2010

Thankful 30-Day 19

This past weekend, Adam and I were fortunate enough to be a host family for three little orphans from the Children of the World Group. We had three girls stay with us; one from Uganda, one from Nepal, and one from the Philipines.  It was beyond amazing.  This was my third experience being a host family for Children of the World but it was my first time with Adam.
We are actually going to be hosting again in December beause their group is performing at our church! I can't wait :)  Today I am thankful for these amazing experiences.

Day 19: I am thankful for the COTW and the opportunity to be a host family :)



  1. And the kids also love you so much!

  2. This is AMAZING! Were they just there over the weekend? Did you make any crafts for them!? How sweet. :)

    ALso, I have some news..... you inspired me to start Bento! After looking at your awesome bento boxes, I decided to give it a try! <3

  3. how awesome! what a great experience! id love to one day do something like that! but i cant even take care of myself yet haha.

  4. This is beautiful! You have such a kind heart, Janel! :D


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