02 November 2010

mi corazon

Seriously, I never get tired of looking back at my pictures from Reynosa, Mexico.
Unfortunately, it has been hit with so much tragedy lately with flooding, hurricanes, drug cartel and violence. 
 It breaks my heart.
Reynosa will always be one of the most beautiful place in the world to me.
It is where my love for the Hispanic culture flourished.
It is where my heart for missions was discovered.
It is where God's will for me to adopt was confirmed.

This small little town and, more importantly, this little colonia, has changed my heart. I am so thankful for the beauty, and new definition of love that I found while I was there. I don't think there will EVER be another place that dwells in my heart and impacts my life as much as this beautiful colonia.
Dear Reynosa,
I really hope that I can visit you again real soon.
Until then, know you are in my heart and prayers.
te quiero mucho,


  1. I think it's so beautiful when a place can have such an impact on someone.

  2. Your post 'touched' my heart...

  3. This is so beautiful Janel!! I love you and your love for others :)

  4. te quiero mami!

    you know what's weird is that when i had my photos from springfield printed, there were several photos mixed in that i hadn't taken. they looked like they were taken in mexico, and they remind me of those ones you posted. really pretty & colorful & sad

  5. this is random (i'm one of those that reads your blog but rarely comments) but i have been to reynosa twice on mission trips and that is where i fell in love with missions as well. this post was just especially meaningful to me. thanks for sharing.


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