18 November 2010

my two resolutions...

I was just looking back through one of my journals last night and stumbled upon my two New Year's Resolutions for 2010.

2010 Resolutions:
1. Don't cut my hair for a whole year (healthy trims are ok)
2.  Wear Make-up more 

I am so happy to say that for the first time in 30 years, I actually followed through with my New Year's Resolutions!
My hair is getting super long and I wear a little bit of make up almost every day :)
The Greek in me gives me these wicked black circles around my eyes so concealer is a really good idea for me.
So concealer, mascara, a little bronzer on the cheeks and lip gloss are my go to.
Almost every day :)

The picture above shows both of my resolutions completed!!
Well, technically I have a month still to cut my hair but I am promising you that I won't.



  1. wo! im also growing my hair... I made my hairdresser promise me a couple of months ago that when i get to the stage where im fed up (always happens) she wont cut it all off like a boys... cuz i always always do it! I havent had long hair since i was about 13.. its getting there :D

  2. That's great that you stuck by it!!

  3. So good you kept to them, i dont think i have ever managed to keep mine!!


  4. congrats on sticking to your 2010 resolutions...i wish i could say the same :) actually i wish i could remember what they even were.

    better luck for 2011!

    have a magical day ♥

  5. I haven't cut my hair since last december! It was a personal goal to grow it out for a year & I've done it too!! I'm so happy! I'm glad you stuck to yours goals!
    *high 5*

  6. YAY! i love your hair! it looks so good. and your makeup is gorgeous. it works well. that's all i ever wear - concealer to hide my freckles, and mascara.

    but i need to work on my new years resolutions for this year. i'm really bad at them. :(

    allister bee fashion blog

  7. I love love love this pic of you --:D


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