04 February 2010


(image found on weheartit but originally Rachel's)
Alright, it is time to choose a winner for my V-day giveaway :) I am using Random.org because there were 101 entries and that would be a lot of names to right down :)
So, between 1 and 101, the winner is...

Yay! It's Carrie :)

There must be some kind of Carrie connection when it comes to people winning my giveaways :)
Ok Miss Carrie, email me and send me your info and your lovely Valentine present will be on it's way to you :)
* And on a completely unrelated note...isn't this the most amazing ring??

I thought so too :)
Alright, I am hitting the sack.
Work out...check
relax time...check
Project Runway...check!
Get excited for tomorrow's new "FIll in the blank Friday!" It is posting super early so definitely check back for it :)
love love love


  1. I have been drooling over that ring forever! I would want it in silver--:D

    Congrats Carrie!!!

  2. yay congrats to Carrie!!!!!! Beautiful painting Janel!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO excited - you just made my day! :) Thanks, Janel! Can't wait to get it! :)

  4. PS: I can't find your e-mail address...can you please e-mail me first at carrie.morley@hotmail.com? THANKS!

  5. You have such a fun blog!! :) and I've been stalking that ring on Etsy for quite some time now.. hee hee

    take care.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  6. that ring is out of control amazing.


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