16 February 2010

40 days

Because of the fact that I grew up in the Catholic faith, I am no stranger to "Lent." I remember carrying my little wooden coin in my pocket every year to remind me not to do whatever it was that I had given up that year. I was totally the kid who gave up things like spinach (which I would never have eaten anyway) and things like that. I did succeed in giving up cookies, soda, and chips in my teen years.
I no longer consider myself a Catholic (and only because I just felt it wasn't right for me. I have nothing against Catholicism at all) but I did want to try and use Lent as a time to better myself again.
Instead of giving something up for 40 days, I decided to do "40 days of Blessings."

I have been so blessed and inspired by the story of Ruth lately and I am really striving to have a giving, self-less heart like hers.
So, each day for 40 days, I will do one Random Act of Kindness.
I have made a list of little acts that I want to accomplish in the next 40 days
in my journal
and I will put an "x" in the box after I complete each one.
I'm excited about this :)
I probably won't share a lot of these with you because I plan on carrying out most of these acts anonymously but I am sure that there will be somethings I do want to share.
Wish me luck!
Tomorrow is Day One :)


  1. what an amazing goal! i ALWAYS gave up soda, but always failed :).

  2. You are such an inspiration :) I think that is such a sweet, wonderful goal. I hope that we get to hear about some of them, but I like that you are going to keep most of them close to your heart.

    ps, I love the header for this post.


  3. Loooove this idea!!! You're such an inspiration! I can't wait to give you a great big hug in 2 1/2 weeks!!! Watch out, I may just smooch your face. Hahahaha!

  4. Thanks for your post today. I am in desperate need of a pick-me-up and your blog always does the trick. Best of luck with your 40 random acts!

  5. What a beautiful goal :) :) :)

  6. This is sooo exciting! What a wonderful idea! You're such a cutie friend!! :-)

  7. Janel--You are such an inspiration!!

    I hope you can cross off all or most of them--good luck!!

  8. that is such a good idea! Me & Seth have been blessed so many times from people we know and even people we don't know or know about and it always inspires us to do the same for others. It's so fun doing something for others when they least expect it! I know you will learn so much from this experience! I just might have try doing this as well!

  9. this is such a selfless act and i'm so proud of you for wanting to make the next 40 days a blessing for you and for others. you inspire to be a better person and i love you for that.


  10. I love this idea! You are such an inspiration! I'll be praying that you are blessed beyond measure as you reach out to be a blessing to others!

  11. Girly-cakes, I'm in love with this idea...and I'm rather inspired. I hope you don't mind if I do the same thing? It would be really nice if a lot more people did the same thing (just think of how awesome the world would be??)! I wish you lots of luck with this!! :D

    I'm not Catholic, but the boy is...and since we've been dating I've come to love the idea of Lent. I try every year now to give up something that's in the way of my relationship with God...and this year it's giving up mindless spending, eating out, and clutter. All three seem to take over in different ways (physically, mentally and spiritually) and I would like to turn it into a lifelong habit.

    Sorry for all of that - I seem to be in a rambling mood today! I miss your face, by the way! Love you! :D


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