01 February 2010


as in thank GOD it's February :)
Happy February 1. I know that there is something that you are supposed to say on the first of each month while you spin around in circles right??? What is it? I know that my college roommate Suzie would remember!! Suz??

Anyway, I am sooooo glad it's February.
Reasons Why include:
I have a valentine to spend Valentine's Day with.
My art show starts on February 12.
We have no full weeks of school
The 28th is Adam and I's 1 year anniversary! (I have been secretly looking forward to eating that top tier of my wedding cake. Like it was sooooo good I have been craving it ever since!)

Do you all want to see what totally made my whole week...?

Is it not perfect?? Silje did a custom portrait watercolor of my sweet Catalina!! It captures her personality and cuteness soooo well.
She is offering her amazing talent to everyone for such an amazing price so if you are interested, let her know!!
She is amazing :)
in love.

My mom is on a cruise all week and the last time she called it was 80 degrees where she is...jealous. I guess another thing that I love about February is that it's one month closer to SPRING!
Dear Groundhog,
When you come out tomorrow, can you please do whatever it is that you do that means spring is coming sooner!!
It would be greatly appreciated.
BTW-how did it come about that you were the one who was the deciding factor in all of this?? just wondering, not judging :)

Have a great Monday and a great February :)


  1. Happy February Janel!!!! The painting is gorgeous!!

  2. I can't believe it is February already, but it is a good month...short, sweet & to the point! I love the painting, too cute!!

  3. Awww..catalina is so cute!!
    Hope we have a great month.
    We should really get together soon and double date with clint & AC. The max sound good? :)

    love you!

  4. Rabbit Rabbit

    The painting is beautiful!

    I hope Feb. is a great month :d

  5. The painting is absolutely adorable! I must have one of my Fenway & Chloe!

    The cake will be just as tasty I know I was leery of eating a year old cake, but when we took the 1st bite it brought us back to that day!

  6. I love your painting Silje did of Catalina :) xx

  7. Oh my! That painting is soooo pretty <3 :)
    February is a great month for me too!


  8. I was just on her blog last night drooling all over her paintings (as always__;D)
    I love what she did of Catalina.

    I need to have her do my little doggies.

    Can you believe its February already?

  9. your letter to the groundhog made me laugh so hard!

  10. Oh your little doggy painting is perfect!
    ...and I LOVE that you have a groundhog day - so funny!

  11. OMG!! You took the words right out of my mouth! I was thinking exactly that same this morning!! :)

  12. I am in love with the portrait of Catalina, Silje is very talented!

  13. I love Catalina's painting!!!! I asked Silje to make one of Mickey!! I can't wait!!



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