25 February 2010

more journal pages :)

My journal and I are still going strong :)
I had so much great feedback from the last pages that I posted so I thought I would maybe post some more :) Some of these are older and some of these are new, and one is currently in progress.
This page describes my hopes for 2010:
My last conversation my grandma :) my favorite:
missing someone :)
Haven't finished this one yet:
The bathroom planning page. P.S. we painted it that color and HATE it....like a lot so I am going to get new paint tomorrow and will be re-painting it again this weekend :)
One of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets:
This is a funny one :) Catalina was actually given to me by an ex-waste of time so I sometimes tease Adam and say that Catalina loves me more because she is mine and he has to adopt her. So, during my Parent Teacher conferences I drew up this very professional legal adoption paper for him to fill out. It was accepted, signed, and Catalina even got her paw print stamped at the bottom. It's a done deal :)

I am also going to share my blessing with you for today :)
Here is the back story:
I have a cousin, Jason, who is in his 30's who has pretty severe cerebral palsy.
We unfortunately don't see him much because his mom and my uncle have been divorced for a long time, and actually my uncle passed away about 4 years ago.
He lives in an amazing group home that takes him everywhere and he has a job and goes to school and so on. Sooooo...my aunt (a different aunt) and I decided that it would be cool to do an "Extreme Makeover" type thing in his room.
So, today my aunt, my mom, Jason's mom, and I went and assessed the situation. You can tell that he hasn't had any new furniture or decor or anything in a really really really long time. It definitely needs a makeover.
So, we went shopping for all new furniture, paint, new bed coverings, and decor. Soooo much fun!!
I decided to take all of the furniture home with me and put it all together. So, I put 5 huge pieces of furniture together tonight...it took all night. It tested my patience big time but it felt good too. I actually really love doing projects like that where I can see things come together you know.
Tomorrow my sister, my aunt and I are going to paint everything and put it all together. I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow.
I am really excited that I get to be part of this makeover for him :)
Needless to say after four hours of drilling and screwing hammering I am ridiculously exhausted and am probably heading to bed really soon!
Have an awesome weekend friends!!


  1. j, i lovelovelove the page about your gma. i'm very close with my gma and i can't imagine what you are going through. you are so strong and amazing. xx love you

  2. im so in love with your journal pages and i love the one about gma. how preciouly amazing. and i must say you and your sister are so wonderful for doin that for jason. i'm so glad i have you two in my life. love you


  3. You are just amazing! I really don't know you, except through the blog world, but reading posts like these really shows the kind of person you are in real life! I love you journal pages and the adoption document is just the cutest!! Have a wonderful weekend Janel!!

  4. your extreme makeover idea is such a nice thing to do. i'm sure he'll love it!

    love your journal pages as always, very touching, sweet, and the adoption one is just hilarious :).

  5. Way cool!! ♥ the g-ma page and the room makeover for your cousin! (and the "Catalina adoption" page)

  6. what a beautiful gift for you cousin...now that really is a blessing. Loving the journal, you have inspired me to start writing in mine again.

  7. I love these! Your lettering is gorgeous and the illustrations too!

  8. oh my goodness--the people you draw are so cute!! You need to paint those and hang them up--:D
    I adore that drawing!!

    I want to thank you for posting more of your journal --it inspires me 110%!!!! I want to run out to buy a journal.

    DId you ever say what kind you use? I know some people are picky when it comes to their journals. What kind of pen or marker do you use?

    thanks again love for sharing--:D

  9. hey lovey! thanks so much for the cute letter. :)

  10. Somebody has an anniversary tomorrow!! We just might be celebrating with Tony's Donuts and Breakfast Sandwiches tomorrow morning!
    Love the page where you drew your g-ma and g-pa together again!!!

  11. P.S.....Hope the "makeover" went well!

  12. Your journal pages are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog yesterday...it made my day!

  13. hahhah, i <3 the adoption page!! like, a lot! very rad! <3 YOUUUUUUU!!!

  14. Looove your surprise you're doing today!!! How fun!!!
    I love your pages so much! I can't believe you're painting your bathroom again tho, lol! But if you both didn't like it then it's probably a "must do".
    I can't wait to hug your neck in a few days. Love youuuu!!!! xoxo

  15. I love your journal pages, specially the adoption one.

    The extreme makeover is such a wonderful, heartwarming thing to do. I can tell you and your family are a caring group of people!

  16. Janel you are such a loving and amazing person!
    I love your adoption page in your journal too... so stinking cute!


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