03 February 2010

the craft space

Here are some shots I took the other day of my crafty space. This is another room that I adore even though it is teeny tiny. I also never use it :) Any crafting I do is usually on the floor in the living room. This room is pretty much where Adam uses his computer and where I store all of my supplies. It's main purpose is to look cute I guess!
Here are some random shots from in there:
My amazing painting from Jamie :) She also sent me one of her amazing yoyo necklaces!

where I sew...

my inspiration shelf...

and an even closer look at my little desk :)

another area for inspiration (changes every month)

a shelf that is fuuuul and some happy mail packages in the foreground :)

my color <3

there is something askew...but I like it :)

One day I will do a proper craft room tour :) Like when it's really clean and after I re-arrange everything to get more organized.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my creative space!!
Where do you get creative?
Happy Wednesay! Favorite Day!!


  1. oh my!!! I love your crafty space!!!! Your sewing area.. is WOW!!! love it!!

  2. oh lovely! it looks so inviting. Due to the teeny tinyness of my flat I have to craft in my room. or annoy housemates with all my mess in the living room.

  3. i get creative on the couch. haha. your room looks so pretty. i love all of the colors. it looks like a room that is loved :).

  4. i am jealous of your amazing creative space!! i am loving your sewing machine pillow & that yoyo necklace.

  5. UGGGGHHHH! I would LOVE a craft room tour from you! I wish I could do one, but alas mine would just be of my desk because I'm still in the dorm. :(

    SO cute, Janel!

  6. ummm pretty! can i come ova?!

  7. We missed you at Bible Study last night. I asked an especially poignant question and everyone looked around and said: "Where's the teacher's pet?" :)

  8. I can't wait to see it next month!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love your inspiration shelf! Well heck I just love the enitre room!

    Now that my craft room is cleaned up I am crafting more in there...but I usually end up on the couch next to my hubbby!!

  10. Awww, I love seeing my painting on your wall!!! =) Your room looks so happy!!! I love the colors and all the beautiful eye candy!!! I think you should do a monthly feature of what's on your inspiration clipboards. =)

  11. oh wow!
    i am SO jealous that you have your own adorable craft room. it is so cute, and bright and inspiring!
    i hope when i get my own place it can be as cute as that! :)
    love it xoxo

  12. So beautiful! Love the colors! You got a crap-ton of stuff my dear!! hehe

  13. I looooooooove your craft space! :)

  14. I wish I had a craft space like that too!

  15. wowww. i'm coming to play. be there in a few.

  16. wow... u make me jealous with your crafty room... i loooovveeee all of the colour..
    i wish i could be there someday..fufufu... lol ^^


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