05 February 2010

another reason to love Kat :)

For those of you who don't know, this past December I was able to meet one of my blogging/crafty idols, Kat :)
I was such a geek when Jamie told me that she would be coming to Springfield for our crafty girl weekend.
Not only did I meet her, we became good friends!!

See the BFF rings :)
Seriously, spend 2 minutes on her blog and you will fall in love too.
Anyway, not only is she cool, fun, totally creative, a great mom, AND crafty...her home decor is amazing!
She just recently posted a few room tours on her blog and I am 100% obsessed with her decor.
See for yourself:

That is only a glimpse into the cuteness. You can see more of the tour on her blog or on her Flickr.
Her knack for finding the perfect vintage piece is unreal and I can NOT wait to visit her in California and see this cuteness for myself :)
So, I guess this is a little shout out to Kat to let her know that I think she is pretty rad and that I am really blessed to have her as a friend!!
Check out her blog here.
Her Etsy shops here, here, and here
and her Flickr page here.
have fun :)


  1. STALKER!!!!! (said in a high pitched voice)


    Seriously, Kat is indeed amazing and I loooove her home!!!!

  2. Wow, it's all so pretty!

  3. i think she is pretty amazing also...i was so excited to meet her too.
    love ya kat!


  4. i adore her house, i saw these when she posted a blog of them, oh so pretty!

  5. that house is the bomb!

  6. that home tour is amaaazing.

  7. JANEL!! you are the sweetest girl in the world. i am so happy to have met you, and am not going to stop harassing you until you come to california!



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