06 February 2010

i heart mail (like a lot)

This has been such an amazing week for Happy Mail!
Check out all of the cute things that I was blessed with this week!
My sweet partner from "Happy Mail" last month sent me a book to read and I am soooo excited to start on it!
Thank you Tiffany!!
**Miss cutie Jules from The Life of a Cupcake sent me the BEST Valentine package :)

how cute is all of this stuff?
I love love love it all so much Jules!! Thank you love :)
**The lovely Gina, from Papercamerascissors, sent me the best Scissor necklace ever that she made during Jamie and I's Run With Inspiration challenge :) She also sent some other cutie pie things :)

I love all of the little polaroid frames!! I am trying really hard to think of something so cute to make with them :)
Thank you Gina!
** I also scored this cute Eames planner :)

This is apparently as close as I am going to get to an Eames rocker until I win the lottery :)
** And here are my amazing treasure from Silje!
This amazing pillow

and my amazing Catalina painting

It looks even more amazing in person!!!
I also had one of those really annoying slips in my mailbox that says I have a package that will be re-delivered today so I am hoping for more fun stuff!!
Thank you so much for all of the love that all of you send my way!


  1. i love happy mail! this is my 1st month in & i am super excited! those gifts rock

  2. I was worried about the necklace breaking. I am so happy it arrived in one piece.

    I cant' wait to see what you make with the instant frames. I have a bigger die if you want some made.
    Love ya---gina

  3. dang girly you racked up :D



  4. silje did such a great job on catalinas painting. i just love her.

  5. you scored a bunch of awesome stuff!!

    the picture of catalina is so gorgeous!

  6. Wow!I love everything!! The painting is so cute!!

  7. wow what amazing Happy Mail!!! I love the polariod frames!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

  8. awwwww!
    hey pretty lady,
    so glad you got your mail & liked it :)
    my pleasure, as long as it made you smile!


  9. i mailed your happy mail package a lil over a week ago.. i hope you get it soon!


  10. jealous of all your awesome happy mail! I'm hoping I will get some mail this week too. Maybe a Valentine's care package from my mom? Us college kids die for care packages. :)

    enjoy your awesomeness!

  11. omg janel. my heart would be on fire with happiness from all of those gifts! actually it is on fire, i'm happy because you're happy!! :)


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