15 February 2010

playing catch up.

I have been soooo busy lately getting things ready at school for our art show. I know it's just an elementary school art show, but I like to really go big :) It is all set up and ready to go.
That means that this weekend I have been catching up on being crafty :)
First off, I put together a couple of little collections to sit out in the living room.
vintage luggage with bold patterns and colors (just like my grandma's)

vintage spools of thread in vintage pyrex

my favorite kind of yarn in spring colors (Im so ready for spring)

I have a new lap-top vinyl from this Etsy

ohhhhhhh and these will be mine on Wednesday!!

And here is a little Style School project that I did today:
This has been one of my favorite projects so far because it is based on gift cards and I have quite an obsession with gift cards. I collect them :)
Here is the cute mini book that I made with them (thanks to Leigh Ann)

Isn't this the cutest book ever!!
and I have watched this video a million times. You kind of have to skip over Jamie Fox in the begininng or watch him, whatever. It's amazing and it makes me sad and makes me smile too at the same time :)

Alright, I think that I will be heading to bed early tonight so that I can get back into working mode tomorrow :)
love you!


  1. Small thing I love about this post: your yellow nail polish!!

  2. i still love you even though you like the "new" we are the world. i don't hate it or anything, i just think it shouldn't have been messed with. but, they had good intentions so they at least get half props :)...i ramble.

    i LOVE your gift card book--totally cute.

    and i'm with you on the spring issue--i'm ready for a new season!!

  3. bring on spring! i am ready for you now xx

  4. oh I love your Style School GC project, it's so cute!!! I only have like 3 cards so maybe I can just put 50 cents on my stores fav cards and they will let me have them! lol

  5. Holy smokes girl you have a lot of gift cards. Mine are pretty much all used up from Christmas. I think I have one loney Starbucks card left. Sigh!!

    So I was in your neck of the woods this weekend and I kept thinking.."How cool would it be to run into Janel??" but I didn't. I so could move to St. Louis for the Froyo and Pi pizza on the loop. Delicious!!

  6. Love the gift card book it is so cute!

    I really like the new song but I tend to lean more to the one from the 80's.

  7. Love your collections - so pretty! Your book turned out great!

  8. OMG cutest washer/dryer pict eva! Enjoy your weekend of Glee and you time! LoVE YoU


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