19 February 2010

seven things...

Here are seven things that you probably don't know about me :)
Katja just did a post like this on her blog and it was fun for me to learn some new things about her.
Hopefully it will be fun for you to learn some random things about me that you may not have known before!
and away we go:

1. In middle school and high school I played the guitar :) In eighth grade, I was such a little Kurt Cobain, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead loving girl! Ummm...hilarious :) I loved and still love music so my parents let me start taking guitar lessons. I have had 5 electric guitars in my time and now I own a Martin KOA Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.

Isn't it lovely? I quit practicing in highschool so my parents stopped the lessons and my dad took them over. My dad plays the guitar too and has like 13 AMAZING guitars. He's so rad.
Maybe it is something that I will pick up again someday :)

2. If there is karaoke, you can bet I am singing "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin.

That is my go to karaoke song :) I am always really really nervous until my name gets called but then I get up there and I rock it.

3. Every single night before I fall asleep I rub my feet together. I don't know why I do it but I find that every night I rub them together as soon as I get under the covers :)

4. I carry my grandpa's fireman badge with me everywhere. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

5. I have never ever been on a roller coaster before and I most likely NEVER will. I get anxious just looking at one.

6. you know the movie Field of Dreams? Well, in elementary school, I actually went on vacation to the site where it was filmed.

It was, and is still, one of my favorite movies and we went as a family to see it in person. Oh yes, I have a little tub with dirt from left field and a corn husk from the corn field :)

7. I have always wanted a pair of ruby slippers. Like for real.

When I was really little I would always ask for them but there was no such thing in the stores. Now, you can go to any store and find red sparkly shoes for little girls but none for grown-ups :(
Truthfully, I still really really want a pair!! I wish that TOMS would come out with Red sparkles, I already have black, navy, and gold.

Ok, that is that. Did you know any of that about me?? What are some random facts about you that I may not know? If you decided to post some facts on your blog please be sure to let me know in the comments so that I can learn some fun things about you!
I am off to watch Monk :)
night loves <3


  1. I rub my feet together too! How funny is that lol

    I love reading this


  2. fun!!!


    and i'm sorry about your painting. i'm checking to see if the one i love is still there. . . .:S

  3. love it!

    a few years ago for halloween i dressed up as a zombie version of dorothy from the wizard of oz - and i made my own ruby slippers with a pair of plain pumps that i pretty much drenched in glue and about 100 coats of red glitter - they turned out really well! i still have them, if you are a size 7.5 ;)

  4. you are too sweet Suzanne!! Too bad my feet are size 9 :( dang it!

  5. I totally rub my feet together too, it drives my boyfriend NUTS!

  6. no rollercoasters?! oh my gosh! they scare the crap out of me too, and whenever i'm waiting in line for one or getting ready to take off, i am TERRIFIED out of my mind. but once the ride gets going I love it--even if I am holding on as tight as I can to whatever is holding me in :).

    i'm taking you on a rollercoaster if it's the last thing i do :).

    i'm sure toms will make a red sparkly shoe eventually--i'd be really surprised if they didnt!

  7. i rub my feet too, and apparently so do many girls, how funny is that? my husband thinks its cute, i also wiggle my body until im just in the 'perfect' spot :)

  8. it must be a girl thing...i rub my feet together too

  9. My friend Kassi rubs her feet together too. Just like a cricket! She can't go to sleep without doing it!
    I didn't know you played guitar!!!
    I love you!

  10. I love that you have a go to karoke song. I have never done it before but its got me wondering what I would sing. I'll have to put some thought into it :)

    I did a 7 Things post on my blog after reading yours.


    I hope you are having a wonderful night.

  11. AH!!! That's too funny bout the feet rubbing thing!!!! I do too! And aparently i'm not alone, a few of you do too, ha!

  12. roller coasters are the shiz...for real. i'll have to drag you onto one someday :] and as for the ruby slippers? i TOTALLY had a pair when i was little. red glitter mary janes :] the wizard of oz was and still is my most fave movie of all time...i had EVERYTHING that dorothy would have. even so much that when my little sister was born and i saw her for the first time in the hospital, i said "mom! mom! I can be dorothy and SHE can be toto!" my dad then leaned over and said, "no sweetie, we're not naming your sister after a dog" they said i pouted the rest of the afternoon :] hehe

  13. ps, now karaoke is something that scares the mother living crap out of me. i love to sing, and i used to do it competitively, but for some reason as i get older, i get more and more shy in that respect and i just can't do it anymore.

  14. I love reading little things like this.

    I use to love roller coasters but the last time I was on one I really got sick.

    I can see you rocking a pair of ruby red shoes--Toms would be awesome in red sparkles.

  15. i just have to say that i know roller coasters can be scary, but they are SOOOOOOOO fun once you try it.

  16. i did this same post. i love all your 7 things! super cute! :]

  17. Okay... Field of Dreams is my dad's favorite movie. It is so cute to watch him talk about the movie. He gets goose bumps when he recites his favorite part. Oh he loves baseball!

    Thanks for the great list. You are so cute!!

  18. how funny. i fall asleep the same way. i think i do it more out of habit these days, but also cuz i need to make sure my feet are warm before i sleep. hmmm.

  19. I rub my feet together too! If I'm sitting on the couch...or in bed...or snuggling. I think it might be a sort of comfort to me.

    My dad also plays guitar! He collects them and usually has about 10 at a time. Then when he feels like getting another, he sells one and buys it.


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