12 February 2010

let them eat cake!

Tonight my sister and I had a slumber party at her house.
The night was full of crafting, happy mail packages, gift card finding, shopping, Olympic watching, and cake decorating.
That is how we roll :)
Needless to say, we had soooo much fun!
I was dying to see her cake decorating skills in person so I was happy that she had one all made up.
Do you see how hard-core she is?

She would make Martha Stewart very proud with all of those cake decorating tools :)
We made icing from scratch!

and she taught me all of her moves.
We tried them ALL out :)

we wanted to write a little message on top to describe our night :)
This is what she wrote.

Sisters and Canada...yes, that pretty much sums it all up :)
The best was obviously, eating it. Ohmygoodness gracious.
The torch is about to be lit, so I better get back to the TV.
night night friends :)


  1. Wish i was there to decorate cake and eat it all. i miss u girls. looks like a blast. slumber parties are so cool. yay!


  2. That kit is pretty cool and the cake looks delicious!

  3. yumm!! i have a big ol' tooth ache and all i want to do is eat that cake!
    and you two totally make me wish i had a sister!

  4. Look at those flowers!!! Awesome. Sure looks yummy....

  5. Im so glad you had such a fun night together. Great cake. Love KAB

  6. what a pretty cake! i bet it tasted even better!

    go you guys for keeping slumber parties cool.

  7. your sister is pretty legit.
    be sure to tell her that. hahah :]
    miss you. see you soon!

  8. Yummy cake! Love your blog :) :)

  9. aw...how cute! I love decorating cakes...that one looks delish. :o)

  10. Hey, my dad has one of those kits! It's so cool to use all the little tips and make different shapes, haha!


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