07 February 2010


This post is dedicated to my favorite number...32.
First of all, I want to note that the reason 30 doesn't scare me, is because I have been waiting, all of my life, to be 32.
In elementary school, we had a journal prompt that read something like this, "What do you think the perfect age will be, and why"
My answer was 32.

I have always known that 32 will be an amazing year for me.
Here were my reasons for this:
1. 32 is Shaquille O'Neals number in basketball
2. It is Michael Jordan's number backwards (23)
3. Nickelodeon was channel 32
4. My bus number for summer camp was 32
5. My street address was 3246-32 and 46 divided in half and backwards is 32 :)
6. Most comic books are 32 pages minus the cover

And to this day, I still believe that 32 will be a great year. It is also still my favorite number too!!

This is just a little piece of random information about me that I thought you all should know :)
Also what is really random is that I have never been a fan of professional basketball :) I do love NCAA basketball though.
BUT I did have a slight obsession with Shaquille O'Neal for awhile apparently!
* In eighth grade I found a little water turtle on vacation and brought him home with me and named him Shaquille O'Neal
* I have an autographed basketball of his that my mom got me to break the news to me about getting my wisdom teeth pulled
* I own his rap CD
* I know that a 12 pack of soda can fit in his shoe...size 25EEE
BTW- I haven't even thought of the guy since highschool :) Random.


  1. ohhhh my favorite number is 3!!!

  2. I love these random little facts about you - keep them coming!

  3. BTW, my favorite number is 2, and if you put that together with Lindsay's favorite number of 3, you get 32! lol

  4. a whole 12 pack of soda? geez louise!

    i think i could fit a can.

    haha his rap cd.

    my only childhood memories involving shaq are from that genie movie kazaam. it cracks me up to watch it now.

  5. I love 32 because my favourite number is 5. That's why i love you.
    ps - I cannot believe that man's feet are that big! Holy cow! Poor ants. :)

  6. Janel ~ This is hilarious. I've never had a "number" myself - just never thought about it. But my daughter Carrie (who won your recent giveaway) has always loved the number 23. Until I read your post, I thought she was the only one with her OWN number.

    Number 32 WILL be a great year for you because you believe it will!


  7. hahahaha you are so random. love it! My favorite number is 17 and i have MANY reasons very similar to those (quirky) why it is my favorite number. haha

  8. I have not even thought of numbers like that in your reason for liking a number. I do not even have a fave #.

    I loved reading this about you.

    Have a great Monday!

  9. haha. i hated shaq. i also hated kobe. i'm a total spurs fan and LOVE basketball. i played in high school and college and just never grew out of it.

  10. this is the best! i'm cracking up right now. mine is 31! funny enough, it was MY basketball number! ha!

  11. My favorite number is 23 so we are backwards. :) And crazy about his shoe size! Huge!

  12. You make me smile sweetie!
    32 definitely sounds like your number!!
    And Shaq... that is hysterical. He's a BIIIIG man! Massive! When he played with the Suns (our bball team) he absolutely towered. I've always liked him. He was with my hometown fav (the Lakers) for ever too. lol

  13. You make me smile! Thanks for the random facts!

  14. I want a new blog header. how do I go about that?

  15. My favorite numer was 32, but it's 62 now. I think you know why!! WT

  16. I had no idea that Shaq had a rap cd! Fun randomness! =)


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