19 February 2010

Oh it's Friday!

(image found here)
This picture makes me smile even though I am not a fan of either coffee or tea. I love the colors and the composition.
I am beyond happy that today is Friday. This week has been really long and tiresome and I just keep feeling so tired and run down by the time I get home in the evening. Too tired to do anything. I need a weekend to do absolutely nothing. deal? Well, nothing but lay on the couch and watch Season 1 of Glee!! We rented it last night and started the first disk....AMAZING!
Also, I wanted to share with you the cuuuuutest scarf ever!!

I got it from Deb's Etsy shop.
It was super affordable AND the quality is amazing AND I'm not sure how she did it but it actually smells like cupcakes too!!!
I'm pretty sure I will be a hit at recess today :)
Alright, I have about 16 minutes until my first class comes in. The second graders and I are studying Matisse :)
Have an amazing Friday friends.
Be a blessing!


  1. Oh Janel I am so happy you got it!!! I always worry about that! Yah!!! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Have a very energizing weekend you both deserve it! Love you KAB

  3. What a cute scarf! I bet you will be a hit with the kids at recess! I am so glad it is Friday too! This month has just flew by! Have a great weekend!!

  4. You are too cute in that new scarf. I am going to have to check out her store! Have a great relaxing weekend.

  5. you look so adorable! a very pretty picture! and that scarf is amazing.

    a thousand yays for fridays :).

  6. so cute! happy weekend to you!!!

  7. did you see that photo of the towels from my blog? that etsy shop is so incredibly cute!! also, julie has a scarf like that too. they are so awesome!!

  8. maybe she spritzed it with some fun cupcake flavored spritz....hope your weekend is good for you.
    your hair is getting long...wowza!

  9. Your scarf is so cute. Have a great weekend!


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