26 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 came and went so quickly it seems.  Life with a baby is a blur.
I can also say that, for me, Christmas is so much more amazing with a child.
The present buying is definitely WAY more fun.
Starting new traditions is more fun.
Taking a million photos and home videos is way more fun as well.
I also love that on Christmas Eve I was able to snuggle Amelia and really picture and feel a little bit of what Mary felt as she was "treasuring all of these things in her heart."
Amelia was spoiled this Christmas by our entire family.  We received a ton of amazing gifts for her to grow with and learn from.  
We spent Christmas Eve Eve with our family, at my sister, where we had two first Christmas' to celebrate.
We had two very special deliveries from our Massachusetts family.  
Christmas morning was spent, at home, with all of my favorite people (Adam, Amelia and Cat).  Here are a few photos from that.

We opened present to "She & Him's" Christmas album and ate pancakes and turkey bacon.  It was heavenly.  Adam spoiled me a bit as well.  We have been so good at saving money this past year for the adoption that he wanted to treat Amelia and I to a couple of exciting things :)
*  a new wedding band!!  I lost my wedding ring last February and absolutely hate not having one to wear everyday.  I wanted something dainty and simple and meaningful and he gifted me one of these:

I have the initial "a" on mine for Amelia.  She is a perfect symbol of our love and of love in and of itself so it was just the most perfect gift.
I also got a gift card for my Nikes and a promise to order the Seafoam PL kit, as soon as it comes in :) Plus a few other little fun things.
I'll be back, later this week with a post on Amelia's gifts.  Like I said, she was definitely the most fun to shop for.
To say the least, we were so blessed this Christmas. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season as well.
I'm off to fill in my new planner now!! Yay!!!
Good Night friends.


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  1. Amelia is adorable and your new ring is so pretty and unique! Glad you had a good first Christmas all together. :)


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