12 December 2012

my wish list.

I have been racking my brain for months now on what I want for Christmas.  Of course there are a million little things that pop up here and there that I would like.  There have been only two things though that I really, truly want this year. 

Project Life has probably been the most amazing and most rewarding project I have ever done.  I love love love love (times a million) looking back at all of the memories I have captured this year.  Priceless I tell you.  I can not wait to get this kit into my hands so Amazon better hurry it up :)
Also, I love Elise!  Her blog is my number one favorite and her design of this kit is perfection.  
Dear Elise,
You are a genius.

I have wanted these since day one of the Summer Olympics.  I feel like the second I slip these babies on my feet, I will become an athlete.  Seriously, Nike has done a great job at making me think this.  I need a good pair of running shoes and these are what I have been lusting after since July.
Dear Adam,

That's it folks. 
My tiny little Christmas list. 

I obviously received the best gift EVER already this year.
Dear God,
Thank you for Amelia.


  1. You are the first person to turn me onto Project Life and I am so thankful that you did. It was probably this time last year that you first posted about it and I had never even heard of it! Now I am almost finished with my 2012 album, and I LOVE looking through it. I am ready to go on my 2013 album!

  2. your little thank you to God brought tears to my eyes. and thank you janel for introducing me to project life. i am in LOVE with it also. my honey has loved going through and looking back and i only started in october. i'm going to begin a new book for 2013. i am ecstatic. i have so enjoyed project life. and thanks to a very kind heart, i've got some new things to put into my project life.

  3. Good luck with your project life project! I like the color scheme on that!


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