02 December 2012

9 months

Seriously, when did my baby get so big?
It blows my mind.

9 months
Best nine months of my life.
*  You are crawling all over the place
*  you are pulling yourself up on everything
*  you are constantly trying new foods.
*  you still don't have any teeth (but that's ok because we LOVE your gummy smile)
*  you are FINALLY saying "mama" but only when you are crying.
*  you are talking all of the time
*  you love to be read to
*  you love playing with balls
*  you love to mimic our laughs, coughs, and claps
*  you clap all of the time when we sing to you
*  when we sing, you sing with us
*  you are still the happiest baby around
*  you smile and laugh all of the time.
*  you are a blessing beyond blessings.
*  we love you so much!!



  1. She is still so beautiful! I love the expressions on her little face in these photos. I'm so happy you share the photos Janel. I love watching her grow up from far away. You're both such great parents, that's why she's such a happy baby.

  2. She is just beautiful, Janel! And p.s. I'm glad you're continuing to blog. You're one of my favorites! :)

  3. Gah! These are my favorite "month" pics so far! Adorable!


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