16 December 2012

Project Life-Week 45

Week 45

This was another jam packed week.  This week is a perfect example of why Project Life is awesome.  There were so many elements of this week that would NEVER have been documented if I was doing a traditional scrapbook.  I love how this project allows me to EASILY document the silly everyday things that make my life, my life.

Adam, Amelia and I stood in a freezing cold line for 2 hours to cast our vote for President.  Adam chose to write in Amelia as the Missouri State senator.  
I also sewed two new dresses for Amelia this week.

This fun little envelope page is the perfect size to hold my finished DVD with our video testimony for Orphan Sunday.  (Now I just have to find the DVD!)

My invitations, envelopes, badges and diaper pins came for Amelia's Gotcha Day party and I wanted a place to document all of those things.  Perfection.

This is the back of the invitation and the adorable labels that sealed the back of the envelopes.  Seriously, Nissa, you rocked these invitations.

Also, during this week was Amelia's Christmas photo shoot with Fresh Art Photography.  This was our cute little sneak peek :)
And finally, Amelia and I did an impromptu painting session one morning before school so that we could make her grammy this special little painting for her birthday!!

fun fun fun.
Week 46 is the BIGGEST week in my Project Life album so I am so excited to share it.
See you tomorrow.


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  1. I'd love to have done something like this, or even start. But, how much does this cost? Do you print the pictures at home? How long do you spend on this each week? I'm just fascinated!


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