30 December 2012

the haul

Some of you were asking what Amelia scored for Christmas this year. 
If you can remember, she received the most gifts last Christmas, which is before we even knew about her :)

Peek-a-boo Panda (We call her Panda)
Earrings that she has already lost one of
Glitter bows now that her hair is long enough for them :)
lots of toys for the bathtub since it's her favorite (including the bath crayons pictured above)
and books.

We got all of the clothing items off of Instagram.  It's like the only place I shop now for Amelia's clothes :)
She definitely made out like a bandit again this year.
She's worth it!


I seriously love


  1. Aw, those are really cue! I have to admit I loooove that sweater haha! Missed you at church, hope Amelia is feeling better!

    1. She is doing so much better, thank you!! We missed all of you guys too!. Sunday mornings are my favorites now that we get to spend it with all of you guys :) xo


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