19 December 2012

Project Life-Week 48

Week 48

Looks like I will have all of these posted in time to be caught up with posting by this weekend :)  This week was almost all photos and I love that.  I also love that I can stick little things in here like the tag off of one of our favorite baby brands.  Love it.

My Pastor preached on worry about 2 months ago, and his sermon really hit home to me.   I have been worry free ever since his sermon and I love to reflect back on it so that's where my little "worry" card comes in.  I met my reading goal on Goodreads.  Amelia met Santa Claus for the first time, and I have some blurred out info there too :)

Amelia also turned 9 months old and I loved all of these photos from her shoot so I had to incorporate them all. I also have her little 9 month stat card, a weather screen shot from my phone (crazy warm weather in December, I'll take it), and our Christmas cards came in!  Yay for week 48!  Week 49 will be up tomorrow :)


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