20 December 2012

Project Life-Week 49

Week 49

We are finally catching up with postings!! This week was the first week of December which brought about our Advent calendar and lots of fun Christmas themed activities and more.

I filled a 4x6 card with a few life mantras that I have loved lately.  I did it in simple black and white because I love the contrast with all of the other colorful photos.
Amelia has started pulling up on everything.
I am in love with these amazing sparkle oxfords that we scored Amelia at Old Navy.
I made a little DIY Christmas gift with glitter :)
I am teaching my fifth grade students how to use a pottery wheel, which was hilarious since, at first, I was no good at it.

Amelia and I made cinnamon ornaments to tie onto our gifts this year and to make our house smell wonderful.
We had a nice dinner and game night at my aunt's house.
Amelia's hair is getting long enough to start using some product in it to define and condition her little baby curls.  LOVE!
Amelia had her 9 month check up with the pediatrician.
We had a snowflake making night as a family to turn our house into a little winter wonderland.
I also added a little transparent overlay into the last pocket and added a little woodcut piece to this side of it (after I took the photo of course).  I like how you can see through to the next spread with this little detail :)
Fun Fun!


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