17 December 2012

Project Life-Week 46

Week 46

Some weeks are always going to be more FULL than others right?
This week actually contains 8 front and back inserts!
Week 46 was a roller coaster but the ups definitely outweighed the downs and I am so glad I have it all recorded :)

This was the week that Adam landed himself in the ER twice, spent two nights in the hospital (one of which was in the ICU).  This was a very emotional and scary time but our faith never faltered and Adam was home in time for his 32nd birthday.  Praise God.

We saw Paul McCartney.  Best show ever. I loved the story of "Blackbird" as I mentioned before and I had printed out this photo from a shop so I could show Adam that I wanted it :)  I placed it into my PL album as a reminder of the beauty. 

On the back of this insert, I have the set list of songs that Paul McCartney played.
Did I mention is was the best show ever? :)

This next insert is a favorite.  I love these pages because they are perfect for Instagram photos!!  I have back to back photos that took at the show on this page.

On Saturday, it was National Adoption Day/Amelia's Adoption Day.

This was in our swag bag that we got at the court house.  I also slapped on one of the stickers that we had for National Adoption Day as well.

On the back I have a copy of the court papers that we received.  I blurred out all of the important information but most importantly...CASE CLOSED!
Done and done!

I used an 8 1/2x11 insert to add this little Title page that I made in Photoshop. 

On the back of that, I typed up all of my memories from that day and printed it to size to slip in.

Next, we have another front and back 4x4 photo page.  These are all of the photos from the Court House.

Next up I have one of the triangles from a banner at Amelia's Gotcha Day party.  I thought this would be a perfect little segway to the party from the court house.

I also added this little bag from the Smashbook line and filled it with some of the smaller decorations from the party for Amelia to look at someday.

And to keep up with the theme of this week's spread.  I have another 4x4 photo page filled back and front with photos from the Gotcha Day party.

And then to end this week, I made a full page spread with the most important event of the week.  Amelia's new, official, legit, bona fide, name.
(Also, when I printed it out and did the cutting, I somehow lost the "R" in November.  This is something that I totally would have scrapped and re-printed before but truthfully I don't mind it anymore).

Ahhh! This was the best week!!!
Thank you for letting me share it with you :)

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  1. I am crushing so hard on this. And you got to hear Blackbird live. So jealous :)


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