29 December 2012

10 months.

Little Miss Amelia turned 10 months today!
Time is flying by for sure.
I can't believe that, in two short months, Amelia will be a year old.  
These monthly photos are getting more and more fun to take.
She is definitely a mover and a shaker and it's so hard to get her to sit still.
The above photo took about 15 minutes to get :)
Here are some of my favorite outtakes.

This last one is what she looked like when her daddy walked into the room :)
She loves her daddy so much.

Alright, here is her little monthly run-down:

10 Months:
* the best 10 months of my life
*  your first tooth is making it's way out! Yay!
*  you are walking around while holding onto things
*  whenever you hear music or singing, you wave your hands like a conductor
*  you wave hello and good bye
*  you give us high-fives
*  you added "nigh nigh" to your growing little vocabulary
*  you are still the happiest, sweetest baby in the world
*  you love playing with more complex toys
*  you are eating real food now, like a big girl, that we grind up
* your hair is finally growing back out and getting so curly!
*  you are very adventurous and brave.
*  we love you so much
*  you are the best.

I need to start planning for her first birthday!!  That is super exciting :)  Our little girl is growing up.
She's amazing.



  1. She is sooo cute, Janel. I really like the picture when her daddy came into the room.

    1. That is how she looks every time he comes near her. She is a daddy's girl for sure :)

  2. She is sooo cute, Janel. I love the picture when her daddy came into the room. It was awesome!


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