08 August 2011

pillow case curtain DIY

When I am hit with inspiration, I like to execute a project right way.  With that being said, the second I decided that I wanted to make curtains, I had to do it, right then.
I got my scissors, my sewing machine, and measuring tape ready when I remembered that I had NO sheets of fabric at my house.
(a lot of my craft stuff is being stored at my parent's house right now as I turn my studio space into a nursery)
This was a problem.
Since I knew I had to make the curtains right that second, I had to come up with a solution.  
I didn't have fabric but what I did have was two vintage pillowcases.

That is the only fabric that I had in the whole house!!  I decided to do some brainstorming and eventually came up with tutorial for myself :)
2 pillowcases=1 curtain.
In less than an hour!
Here we go!!

Materials Needed:
* 2 pillowcases of choice
*  fabric shears
*  sewing machine
*curtain rod
* spool of lace/ribbon/rick rack
*  measuring tape

Note:  I measured my window, which was 24x60 and decided that an "open" pillow case was just about double my width so it was perfect.
This probably wouldn't work well for a window much wider than that.

Here are the steps:

1.  Choose two coordinating pillowcases

2.  At the opening of each pillowcase, make a small cut on the seam and rip upwards to open up your pillowcases.  You will also need to do this with bottom edge.  Now your pillow case should look like this:

Notice the folded over edge at the top which is open on each end and ready for a curtain rod to go through? Nice!

3.  Lay your pillowcase on top of each other with right sides facing in.  Make sure that your folded edges match up.

4.  Sew the bottom edge (opposite of the folded edge) together to create one long panel of fabric.

5.  Your panel now has a crazy seem right smack dab in the middle :)  While I was doing this I remembered something that I read in a book once about The Great Depression :) During the Great Depression people couldn't afford new dresses when they grew so they added a panel of fabric to the bottom.  To cover that ugly seam, they would usually sew a piece of lace or rick-rack over the seam so it conspicuously looked like a new/longer dress.
(Thank you Kit Kittridge of the American Girls series)
I chose a spool of vintage lace...

6.  and sewed it right on top of that seam...

7.  Next I folded and pressed each raw side of my curtain at about 1/4 of an inch and sewed those down.  Make sure to leave your already made curtain rod sleeve open at the top.  The bottom of your curtain doesn't need to be hemmed either because it's already folded and sewed too from when it was a pillow! Score!

8.  Now that all of your raw edges are nice and clean and your middle seam is covered with something pretty, you are ready to slip your curtain rod in and hang your new curtain!!

So quick and sooooo easy to make!  Plus, you don't have to go out and buy any materials for this at all!  I really like the way it turned out and it made me really happy to throw those ugly blinds away that were hanging in there.  
Today, I am going to work in my classroom and then hit up a fabric store so that I can buy more terry cloth so I can make some BIBS!!



  1. i really like how your pillowcase curtain turned out. the print is sweet & so are the baskets with dolls & dresses.


  2. Oh wow, these are beautiful. I love how colorful they are. Your baby is a lucky girl!


  3. wow - you are talented. it looks so pretty!

  4. I'm so excited to try this for myself!

    I've been wanting to make some simple curtains, but I was nervous about spending a ton of money and now having good enough sewing skills.

    This is such a great idea and I look forward to trying it out!

    You did a great job!


  5. super cute! i actually love the lace! so precious & Lord knows I have a TON of vintage pillowcases! ;)

  6. This is such a great DIY!! You wouldnt believe how many times I see an old pillow case and think man, that fabric would make a great curtain. I love it!


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