10 August 2011

handmade bibs...

Well, school starts tomorrow so this is probably the last of my "nesting" projects for awhile.  It's crazy how exhausting the first few weeks of school can be; a good kind of exhausting but still exhausting :)
I decided to stay home today and work on sewing up a few handmade bibs for my some day baby. I love the way they turned out.  
And again, this is such an easy and quick, personalized gift.
Here are mine:

It's unreal how rewarding it is to create something so lovely for someone that you love so much!  It's also so unreal how much I love this child already and I have no idea who or where they are.  
I can't wait to be a mom!!!



  1. Love them, super adorable.

  2. I can't say enough how great u are. These are so precious.

  3. I love the little details you added to each one of these. So cute!

  4. Those bibs are too pretty to use! :)

  5. you are so productive!


  6. These are SO pretty!
    Water only bibs, haha :)

    I love love love the third one!

    xo. Kyla

  7. you are already a mom.......

    i want to learn to sew ..just so I can sew bibs...thata's all I want to learn...I love baby bibs

  8. The bibs are absolutely adorable! :)

  9. Everything that runs with scissors turned out so lovely especially when you have cut all the
    edges perfectly, just like the baby bibs in this post. When you made something of your own, the effort is all worth it, especially if that thing is for the love of your life. Making those special persons in our life happy it means we did a great big job for them. I really like all of these baby bibs, they are so adorable.


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