26 August 2011

this weekend...

This weekend is for:

* getting the last of our financial paper work to finish our home study
*  a vet appointment for Catalina
*  garage sales
*  Target
*  music
* sewing
*  spending time with my mom before she leaves for Europe (for 17 days)
*  starting my fall journal (it's sooo almost fall so Im starting on it now)
* shipping out orders

What are your plans for this weekend?
Here's to lots of fun :)

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  1. I'm in the bell choir at church and we had a bell clinic this morning with a "bell expert." This evening I'm serving at a fundraiser for a hospitality organization for temporarily homeless families (I'm a volunteer coordinator for our church's involvement). Tomorrow is church, bell choir practice, and hopefully running! Whew!

  2. i'm moving in to college. quite scary!!!



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