19 August 2011

oh boy

First off, our home study went really well.
In fact, it was pretty amazing.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts :)
Our next one is next Wednesday and I am pretty sure that it's our final meeting.

One thing that we have known, is that there is actually a chance that we will get chosen for a little boy instead of a little girl. If a birth mother chooses us, and she is having a boy, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will say yes.  
We want a baby!

You have seen our girl plan, obviously, but I decided to get my head wrapped around a little boy.  I have been searching for inspiration and this is what we have planned if it's a boy...

banner, pillow, globe


So yeah, lots of cute stuff in the boy department too!
We know that God knows the desire of our hearts.
As I said before, we want a baby.



  1. Boys are lots of fun! =)

  2. ooh, congrats. boys are lots of fun and i love the color palate that you have picked out. personally, i want a boy first so that there can be a "big brother." :)


  3. Love!! I think decorating for boys is just as fun as decorating for girls! :)

  4. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....love the "boy" designs!

  5. LOVE your boy ideas. I think that decorating for a boy can be so much more fun, because you have to get more creative!

  6. I'm so happy your home study went well!
    I think it's really interesting how we tend to decorate rooms based on gender. Pink = Girl. Blue = Boy.
    Do you think you would ever make pink toys if you had a son? :)
    I'm just curious.

  7. i think the little one will be perfect no matter if its a girl or a boy...
    i shop better for boys anyway. and this auntie will be so excited ;)


  8. ooooh!!! these are the same exact colors I want to use!!! love it! all of it! thanks for sharing!! ;)

  9. Love your boy designs and you're right, it doesn't matter as long as you have a baby. I have a boy and wouldn't trade any day that I've had with him. Still praying for you both.

  10. Lovely items. Remember that boys can have pink too though! I read recently that it actually used to be pink for a boy, blue for a girl in Western culture, up until the early 20th century. Funny huh?

  11. Congratulations! oh and i love the owls they are so cute


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