05 August 2011

oh my golly!

I seriously think that this may have been the longest that I have ever gone without blogging!! I was having some serious withdrawals :)
Where have I been?
Taking care of business my friends, that's where!
When I haven't been getting ready for the new school year, and decorating a nursery, I have been working on creating Adam and I's Adoption Profile Book.
An Adoption Profile Book is a scrapbook of sorts that is given to expecting parents who are considering an adoption plan for their child. 
With most domestic adoptions you need to provide your adoption facilitator with a Profile they can show to birthparents.  The birthparents then use these so that they can select a forever family for their baby. 
Enough pressure to make this amazing??
I searched through many examples and they were great but looked very "cookie-cutter" which isn't really my style.  Now, do I go with cookie cutter? or do I go with Janel and Adam?
I decided to go with what we like, since this book is supposed to represent us.
Here is the cover:

and here is a little peek from the inside:

Yeah there is like 20 more pages too!!
What do you think so far?
It's funny that this little 25 page storybook of our lives could be the deciding factor for a birthmother to choose us for their child.
I better get back to it!!
I will be back tomorrow with my regular daily postings.



  1. i'm so glad you decided to go with what best represents you & adam instead of being cookie cutter. i think your adoption profile book looks great janel! i just read my friend's adoption profile book on wednesday, crazy huh?


  2. Looks awesome! Very you - sophisticated, creative, and full of love!

    Best wishes on this remarkable journey!


  3. I would choose you! That is so sweet and pretty!

  4. I would choose you! That is so sweet and pretty!

  5. I love what you've done so far! I hope that potential birthparents realize how much love you've put into your book to see that that would just be a small amount compared to the love you'll give your adopted child. Did that make sense?

    Bless you both and best of luck with everything!

  6. it's beautiful Janel. you are going to make a wonderful mommy. I know someone is going to fall in love with you two immediately.

  7. it looks amazing!


  8. that's so sweet. i didn't even know people did that. i think i would rather have that than just meet. you really put effort into it.

    love, little.

  9. Good luck, I'm sure the perfect birth mother will look at it and just LOVE you two!

  10. This is amazing!!! You guys will make amazing parents. Crossing fingers and toes for you both :)

  11. Ahh! Your adoption profile is adorable! And I wanted to let you know that you misspelled sacrifice, in case your a grammar freak like me and want to change it.


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