06 August 2011

red hearts

Well, today I was able to check some more things off of my DIY to-do list :)
As I mentioned before, I really wanted to start sewing up burp cloths with some of my vintage sheet stash.  
Well...I did!

My dad had told me that he found a nice, big, self-healing cutting mat at a garage sale today and I figured that was my cue to bring over a sewing a project :)
While I was cutting sheets and terry cloth, my dad was embroidering little hearts on ribbon for a cute little personalized tag (totally his idea too).
Here are some photos of our progress:

And here are some photos of the ADORABLE burp cloths all finished up :)
They are so cute that I can't believe the purpose that they will serve one day involves spit up.

With the sheet of terry cloth that I had, I was able to make 10 of these today.  I could not be happier with the way they turned out.  I must say that my dad's little tags are by far my favorite part though :)  Plus I love that it was something that we did together.
Seriously friends, these were so quick and easy and cute.  I think that a few of these would make a really cute personalized shower gift for a friend a just a fun little sewing project for yourself. 
Either way, I can't stop staring at them!
Check back tomorrow for another little nursery peek!



  1. Janel, these are freakin' adorable!!!!! I only wish my father would craft with me like this. Lucky girl!

  2. That's such a great use for vintage sheets and material. I love 'em!

  3. I loveee the hearts on those tags. They're completely adorable :)

  4. Your dad is so cute! I love that he did that with you AND embroidered the hearts!

  5. Cute! If your little one is anything like mine was, you're gonna need like 15 more of those things! :)

  6. They are so pretty Janel. I love that your Dad made the little heart tags for you. Such a sweet Dad.

  7. Everything about this post is adorable!

  8. Really cute idea! Maybe I'll make some for my "someday baby"! :)

  9. those are adorable! i think i might get some for my upcoming niece Aftyn!i anticipate lotsa spituppy smiles.

  10. Sooo cute! I love the fabric choices & of course the little red hearts! :)

  11. JANEL! You get more and more adorable every day! Those are the cutest things ever and will be put to good use!!!

  12. Very cute! I've been looking for an easy burp cloth pattern- looks like I found one. I've got a stash of vintage fabric waiting to get used. Now if only I could get my dad to help. ;)

  13. Great job! I think it's really cool that you and your dad sew together. :)


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