09 August 2011

onesie love

In continuing with my newest obsessions (getting ready for baby and sewing) I decided to embellish some plain onesies that my mom had picked up for me. 
There are so many cute things that you can do with plain onesies and I had a blast fixing these up!
Here is what I came up with...

1.  A little vintage fabric ruffle down the center

2.  vintage doiley neck line

3. diagonal double ruffles with vintage fabric

I also did a Suki iron-on on one of the onesies with button embellishments but apparently I didn't get a photo of that one by itself.

And...I finally hung up my sweet little bamboo mobile that I scored on Gilt a few weeks ago!

I'm pretty sure that I am faux-nesting right now :)
I guess this is a symptom of adoption too, not just pregnancy.
I am just having so much fun making things for my someday baby.
love it so much.

Tonight I started sewing up bibs...they are soooo cute.  I will post photos as soon as I can.
Tomorrow is officially my last day of summer vacation.  I go back to work on Thursday. I'm deciding if I should go and work on my classroom tomorrow or if I should spend it at the pool and sewing?
What do you think?

Have a lovely night.

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  1. oooh, very cute. so i am taking it that you are planning for a girl?



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