17 August 2011

calling all journal-ers!!

I am excited to announce that I am now offering all four of my past online journal classes in my etsy shop!!
If you missed out on any of these classes, they are now open to YOU for the reduced price of only $15 each!!

*Although the actual class is over, this listing is for access to the online class where you can find all of the prompts, techniques, and challenges. You will also have access to the 
Flickr grop, chats that we had, and comments!!*

We are talking 9 whole weeks of journal prompts, fall decor ideas, and recipe swaps!!
I seriously can not think of a better way to celebrate one of the greatest seasons out there!!

Join us for a 30 Day journal challenge jam packed with creative prompts, techniques, \and of course an amazing community of online friends :)

 This is my first 30 day journaling class.  30 days full of journal prompts, techniques, chats and more!!
These prompts will focus us on a new year, new season, and new chapters of your lovely lifes. I'm so excited!!

All of the proceeds from these classes will go directly towards our adoption!!  I hope you join me in these challenges!!
Check out the etsy listings for each to see page examples from each class :)
They are a lot of fun!



  1. oooh! I might buy one :)


  2. OMG this sounds amazing!!! if i get my new computer in time i am def gonna do it!!

  3. Like, WOAH! I can't wait to start seeing the flickr pool once people start these again.
    I was going to move to my 'Wreck This Box' collection but maybe i'll revisit these prompts instead!


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