09 July 2011


When it comes to toys and dolls for our someday child, it is really important to us that they be special.  We are firm believers in supporting handmade, and we have begun collecting little treasures from many independent artists and shops for our little girl.
I had received a lot of emails after I posted the above photo from readers wondering where we had gotten some of our little dolls.
I decided to write up a little post sharing the beauty, detail, and uniqueness of each of them, along with their shop information :)
(The link to each shop is underneath each photo)
Here are all of little Pita's new friends anxiously waiting for her, just like us:

So there they all are.
Aren't they amazing??  I know how much love and time went into these, and it warms my heart to think of all of the love and joy they will bring to our some day little girl.  Are there any shops that you know of that have sweet little toys or dolls that I need to look  at?  Do you have a shop that sells things like this that I need to visit?
I would love to hear of any indie shops that you shop for your little treasures.


  1. how cute. are these etsy shops?

  2. Your daughter is going to be so happy and loved with two of the best parents. These are the cutest toys.

  3. Your sweet little girl is going to be so loved!! :)

  4. These are all so gorgeous! Pita is going to love them! :)

  5. aww thanks for posting about the octopus! Your child will love all these sweet handmade dolls!


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