21 July 2011


So, our next step while we wait for our Home Study Visits (after vacation) is to read, read, read.  We were given a list of suggested books that pertain to adoption.  We have to have  a list of these in our file.  There is a section on Open Adoptions, Adoption Issues, International Adoptions, and Biracial/Transracial Adoptions.  Fortunately, we have read a lot of the books on the list but the ones that we haven't we ordered.  
(We do have a 20 hour drive coming up this weekend)
Here are some of the books that we have read:

and we also made a list of all of the children's books that we have for our children about adoption...

I personally, have read all of these :)  I love children's books...like love.
If you have any suggestions on adoption books for parents or children or even family members I would love to hear them.
If you need some recommendations for these kinds of books, these were all pretty great.
Back to reading!!



  1. What a beautiful collection of children's books!

  2. nice. i'm confused. my friend's child is adopted & i don't remember seeing any children's books about adoption. is that just something extra you're doing, or is that part of the new requirements?


  3. Here are a list of books that I read and read to my 3 adoptive children when they were little. They are old (my oldest is 28) but good.

    Kids books
    Adopted and Loved Forever by Annetta Dellinger
    Why Was I Adopted by Carole Livingston
    The Mulberry Bird by Anne B. Brodzinsky

    Parents books
    Raising Adoptive Children by Lois Ruskai Melina
    The Adoption Triangle by A. Sorosky, MD, A. Baran, M.S.W., R Pannor, M.S.W

  4. Thanks for curating this helpful list! BTW, to save some time next time, try using Skinnyscoop for your book recommendations, then save your list as an image to promote your collections on blog and Pinterest, here are some examples: http://pinterest.com/larissa_/make-a-pin/


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