28 July 2011


I am in love with New York City...done and done.
Yesterday, Adam's parents took us on a day trip to NYC.  As much as I have traveled all over the place,  I had never been to NYC before that.
It has always been a dream, and now it's realized.
We seriously took over 100 photos of the day and it is sooo hard to only choose a few of them but here we go...

Ok, I know that it's still a lot of photos but....I loved it!!
There are so many more photos and a ton of Instagrams and instal photos too.
I am definitely going to have to make a little mini book of our New York City trip.
HUGE thank your to Pops for driving me all over NYC and making all of my Big Apple dreams come true :)



  1. NY... I'm jealous! Didn't you LOVE Wicked!? It was my first Broadway show I saw two years ago and was so impressed!

  2. new york is so much fun! when steven and i were there for 2 weeks, we decided we might try living there some time!

  3. I am so glad you got experience New York, it's honestly the most thrilling place. I love everything about it! And I absolutely love that you saw Wicked on Broadway, good choice!

  4. Looks like fun! One thing I love about NYC pictures is that there is so much to look at in every shot!

  5. Glad you had fun despite the heat right now...

  6. NYC AND Wicked?! I am so jealous! But happy for you that you got to go! :)

  7. So happy u liked it here. NY really is a great town.

  8. Anonymous31 July, 2011

    Ohhh it looks awesome! being from the south of the world, Chile...go to NY os more like a far away dream haha glad you had fun! :)

  9. What a GREAT Big Apple Adventure you had!! Love it....love all the pix....and you look so happy in all of them!!


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