05 July 2011

inspired by...

Well, you should all know by now that I am a Mystery loving kind of gal.
I love reading mysteries, I love watching mysteries and I may have had a refrigerator box "Detective Agency" in elementary school.
It's true :)
Lately, I have been reading all of the Sherlock Holmes novels from my dad.
I must say, I love them.
I have also felt super inspired by the tweed wearing, deerstalker hat rocking detective.
Here are some lovely Sherlock Holmes inspired items that I have favorited on Etsy :)

And here are the links to all of the lovely shops in which they come from :)

Is anyone else out there a Sherlock Holmes fan?
Are you inspired by any other literary characters?
I think I am off to make my very own Sherlock Holmes inspired project right now :)
Have a lovely evening.


  1. Have you seen the BBC Sherlock mini-series? It's like Holmes and Watson in a modern day setting and it is so, so fantastic. I love that locket too - just gorgeous.

    Rosie xx

  2. love sherlock holmes! great post :)

  3. I bought a huge book that has all of the sherlock holmes books and short stories in it. I started reading it, but got distracted by other books. I do want to finish them all one day though--they're really great.

  4. aww that pup outfit!! i haven't ever got into sherlock holmes, but this is a post full of good finds :)

  5. Love your Sherlock devotion

    I love all things Huckleberry Finn....named my blessed Dog Huck> He was the BEST

  6. @Rosie B: I was thinking about that when I saw these items! I love that TV Show!

  7. I very recently went to the Sherlock Holmes museum in London, it was awesome sauce! Let me know if you fancy anything from there on my next adventure to Baker Street!

  8. These are cute! Even the pooch's outfit! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx


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