03 July 2011

the adventure...

(picture heavy post)

Today was pretty much the best day ever :)
Last night, before bed, I told Adam that he had a surprise posting on my blog at 7:00am.  Without an alarm, he was up at exactly 6:59.
He was so excited for his adventure and he dubbed it the "Adamventure."
Our adventure took us all over St. Louis.
Adam was really cute trying to think of unique places to find each item on our list.
Our adventure took us to:

We spent about 40 minutes on a blanket in the City Garden admiring the amazing art and fountains.  It was a great start to the day.

A lot of the riverfront was flooded and the parts that weren't flooded, were set up and blocked off for the Fair St. Louis.  We were able to drive around though and snap some shots of the arch :) 

We spent about an hour and a half exploring the City Museum.  This is always one of my most favorite places to go.  We made a lot of beautiful art and did a lot of climbing and photo taking :)

The best lunch ever :)  I was hoping my "twisted and salty" clue was a big enough hint that I wanted Gus's pretzels today :)  It was!!

We parked and walked around the Jewel Box, which is a Climatron for flowers and plants. It is nicknamed the jewel of Forest Park.  We also drove to the St. Louis Art Museum which is one of the only building left from the 1904 World's Fair.  If the parking wasn't so incredibly crowded and crazy, we would have hung out at the museum for awhile.

We had a blast!  Adam got to experience some St. Louis "must-sees" that he hasn't before.  We ended the night with Fro-yo and fireworks near our home.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
And now, we have Adam's completed "Adventure Book!"  

This was such a fun, easy, DIY activity and I encourage all of you to surprise someone that you love with something like it.  You will not regret it.  Adam and I had such a great time spending the day together.



  1. I love this! So cute, and its been a while since my husband and I have been on a date that wasn't dinner/movie and/or antiquing/frozen yogurt. You definitely have my brain churning with ideas.

  2. it looks just as fun as it sounded. glad you had a great day!

  3. This is such an awesome idea!! It looks like you both had a blast! How did you get that great Instax pic of the fireworks? Did you block the flash?

  4. This is so so awesome.... I am definitely gonna steal that idea for a perfect day with my manfriend :-)
    Where did you get the polaroid camera? I didn't even know they still make those..

  5. ohhh i love your adventure book!!!!! it is sooo simple and sooo cute in the same time!!!

    ps. you had a loooveeeelllyyy trip!


  6. Really cute idea! I must say that this post was one of my favorite posts out of all the blogs I follow! :)

  7. Aw, it looks like you had so much fun! Can't wait to try out this project some time! Thanks for the inspiration <3

  8. This is amazing! I love adventure times. My boyfriend set up a scavenger hunt for my one year for my birthday and it was amazing. I wish I would of had an Instax pic to create a beautiful book on the spot.
    You sure are one sweet wife!
    Looks like you two are enjoying your summer together.
    Much Love,

  9. I LOVE this! What a cool idea and great memories. I bet he feels very loved. :)

  10. This is really cool idea! I love it :)

  11. Love, love love it!!! Great job!!! Looks like you two had so much fun!!!! Miss you!!! xoxo

  12. AH! I was just scrolling through your blog and saw the pictures from the City Museum! My mom and I traveled from the East Coast to St. Louis last month, and that was one of our favorite places- so dangerous but so fun!!! Love this post.

  13. What a brilliant idea! I live in the St. Louis area as well and would love to put something like this together for my fella. Haven't even been to the City Garden since it's been finished.


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