17 July 2011

so far...

Remember this little project list for July?
Here is what I have accomplished so far:

1.  This cute little art piece with a heart around Adam's city in Massachusetts and a heart around my city in Missouri. love it.

2.  This is my favorite.  These are keys from the two places Adam and I have lived together so far.  We will hopefully be adding another one to it real soon!!

Does anyone want to send me some drift wood for the mobile?  There is like NONE in St. Louis and I love the look of it better than just plain old sticks :)  That is the next project I want to tackle.  
I also got super crafty with my aunt and sister the other day.  We made tons of enameled earrings together.  Check back for a post on that later but for now, here is a little peek:

Alright, I am off to church!
Have a great day friends.


  1. I love all these.. I want to do a city heart map and key frame too. The earrings looks amazing but I have no clue how to do so :)

  2. im goin to steal you map idea...love it. and i've been gathering some things for you for a project...eek!

  3. you did it janel!


  4. Aw, those are both really cute! I'm not even sure which I like more, they're both so adorable. :)

  5. Oh my gosh these are so sweet!!! What a lovely idea!

  6. Fabulous projects! I love them all!!

  7. I love that key in a frame idea from Young House Love and I want to make one for my husband for our anniversary. Those earrings are awesome!!

  8. Great projects, love them!

  9. I have been wanted to do that same key project also! I still have the key to my first car (which I totaled in 2006) and the key to my first apartment and I just can't bear to part with either key. An homage to my firsts. Thanks for sharing such lovely ideas!

  10. Such cute projects! :) I've been wanting to do a heart map, but have to decide on the theme and places. Fella and I are from the same spot, but I've thought of making one of all the places we've traveled together. Yours look awesome. :)

  11. hey janel if you would want to email me your address i live right by a lake so i could send you drift wood i saw a ton of when i went this weekend.
    indie (dot) darling (@) yahoo (dot) com


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