26 July 2011

nieces and nephews

We are having a blast here!
The past two days have been full of fun times with nieces and nephews up here in Massachusetts.  

Auntie Janel and Uncle Adam brought lots of presents for these cuties :) We are so lucky to have all of them in our family.
We also hit up some antique malls (which are amazing up here).
This trip has been a blast so far!  It is so good to see everyone and to catch up and to just spend time being with each other.  

It's so great to see Adam with his family. We love them!
Tomorrow is NYC!!
I seriously can not wait.
We are only going to be in the city for one day so I have a short list of things I really want to see on this trip.

On my list is:
* hot dog vendor
* pretzel vendor
*  The Guggenheim
* Statue of Liberty
*  Broadway
 * Times Square

I think that may be it but Im not sure. If it's a tourist trap, I am sure to be there :) Adam's dad is an awesome tour guide so I know we will get to see a lot of the city!  
I will have lots and lots of photos to share with you tomorrow night for sure
love you!


  1. Aww looks like fun! Have a blast in NYC! I've only been once and I want to go back so bad! :)

  2. what cute little ones! have fun in nyc!


  3. got to love the instagram!


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