10 July 2011

Project List

The other day, my dear friend Katherine posted her DIY to-do list.  I loved her list so much, I decided it was about time that I made one for myself.  Not only do I love a good list, I also feel so much more accountable after I make them.  Here are some lovely projects that I really really want to get done before the summer is out.

1.  I want to make a mobile, just like this one.  It is absolutely amazing and would look lovely in our home :)

2.  I have so many pins around my house, hidden in drawers, jars, etc.  I get so many pins from friends, with purchases, and such.  They don't have a specific purpose but I love little pins so much.  Because of that, I want to make something like this with them:

3.  This is absolutely amazing and I have already went through boxes and found the key from Adam's apartment in Kansas so that I could make one of these for us! love.

4.  I also must make something like this for our home :)  A little Massachusetts heart and a little Missouri heart? Yes please!
5.  How cool is this light switch time capsule?  You type up your story and glue/tape it inside one of your light switches for a future tenant to find :)  When we redid our cabinets in the kitchen, I wrote a little little for the future to find and tucked it behind the cabinet before it was installed.  I think I definitely want to do this too, more detailed. It is something that I want to do from now on in every place that I live:

I have at least 6 more projects that I want to complete in the next month, but these are the ones that I will start with :)  What are some cute projects that you want to get done soon?  I would love to see them!



  1. I really like the pin board idea! It would work great with magnets too!

    I've been working on making a framed "family-tree" for my sons room, using scrapbook papers and such to build a pop-up tree. I will definitely post pictures on my blog when I am done!

  2. very cool post! i love that mobile so much & the light switch plate idea!! so cool!

  3. every one of those things, are very original & great ideas. i might steal some.


  4. I JUST finished something similar to the map-hearts. I love working with maps and I use my old big atlas from school (East and West Germany still exist in there...)
    The key project is great too! Me and my boyfriend just bought an apartment and together with the key of the old (rented) apartment this would be great. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. omg the frame with keys is amazing! what a wonderful idea to keep old keys as a souvenir in a beautoful way!? beautiful!!!!

  6. Anonymous11 July, 2011

    Some lovely ideas - i love the light switch cover idea! i'm on the hunt for guest DIY's on my blog at the moment, if you're at all interested in featuring one of these on my blog please do send me an email!


  7. i absolutely love the feather mobile. i have a thing for feathers haha.

  8. Anonymous12 July, 2011

    I love all these ideas! I am so impatient to actually move to a settled place when I get a job so I can start some decorating DIYs (I'm currently living with a friend temporarily until I get a job). I have such a huge list of DIYs in general I want to do. I need to make a list of my favs!
    Hey... last fall I made a 30 Before 30 list inspired by you and I just blogged about it. :)
    xo - Alanna

  9. The mobile totally transfixes me...I love it. Part rain sticks part mobile...all colors amazing


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