08 May 2011

a mid-century mother's day

When I received an email about this event, I knew it was the perfect thing for my mom and I to do for Mother's Day.  Ladue Estates is the first mid-century modern neighborhood in Missouri which is so cool.  The lovely residents opened up their homes and their streets for tours!
I will let the photos do most of the talking because they are gorgeous :)

I love all of the history and the architectural information that we learned on the tour.  I can officially say that I know all of the architectural elements that makes a home "mid century modern."

and here are some photos from the insides of these lovely mid century homes...

This home was very mid-century modern with it's interior design as well.  It was really cool because it was like stepping into my grandma's house.  The furniture and nick-knacks resemble my grandma's style so much!

This home was very very modern and minimialistic.  Like most of the rooms only had a couple of pieces of furniture and that is it!  it was beautiful and it was a pleasure to see these pieces in person!

This home was my favorite and it's seriously only because this amazing kitchen!!  This was the original GE kitchen set-up that was put into all of the homes when they were built!  Only three homes in the whole subdivision have kept theirs and we were super blessed to catch a peek at one!

love love love.
My mom and I had an amazing day together.
She deserves all of the amazingness that comes her way though.
I love you mom!
Happy Mother's Day.
Hope you are ready for part two today!!


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  1. Anonymous08 May, 2011

    I love, love, LOVE the second home!


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