25 May 2011

challenge update.

6 more days until the challenge begins!
I have my journal decorated and ready to go :)
It looks like there are about 80 people signed up for the challenge already.  Isn't that amazing!

Do not forget to grab the button for your blog (also on my sidebar)


AND I am so excited that Courtney will be making challenge stickers again this time around!!  These were such a hit last time and I loved having it in my journal last time.  Be sure to keep checking her blog for the details :)
Seriously, I can not wait to get started.
I am so inspired by all of you excitement for the challenge too.



  1. i'm so so excited for this!

  2. yay! a new challenge!! i'm going to try my hardest to do this one in between feedings & dirty diapers! =)

  3. that's adorable. i've tried making my own, but it didn't work out so well. i'll just leave it to the more talented people like yourself :]

  4. Im more then excited! jumping up and down here. A new era in my life is beginning, and I can't wait to document it!

  5. love the simplicity of your cover!

  6. I have that same washi tape!! Looking forward to the challenge. Serusly.Kthnxbai.


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