10 May 2011

more blots...

Again, I can't say enough about this class :) I am so inspired and the pages of my journal are filling up like crazy.
Here is another peek inside my journal for you...

Also, I am gearing up for my FREE 30-Day journal challenge right here on my blog :)

I did one last June and had a blast so I am really excited to be offering it again. 
More details will be here soon so keep checking back :)



  1. I'm so happy to hear you're going to run the 30-day challenge again! I was just thinking what the heck am I going to do after Ink blots to keep myself journaling daily, but this is really going to help!

  2. yay! i loved the one you did last year!!!!!!

  3. Yay for ink blots! Your pages so far are AMAZING! Can't wait to see what else you come up with for the 30-day challenge! :)

  4. love your drawings! and im so glad youre doing the 30 day challenge again. i loved it sooo much last year

  5. YAY!! So excited for another journaling challenge after ink blots!! Maybe I'll keep my new anthro catalog just for it..so much blank white on the pages...hee hee....

  6. oh yay! another 30-challenge! i will definitely play along again- i really wish i could have done your other classes, they look very fun!

  7. I like the one with the bows! I'm in this class but as usual I'm behind.

    I can't wait for your new challenge! :D

    Will you be doing any new art journaling classes for this summer?

  8. Yay! Your doing the 30 day challenge again! I loved itlast year (though I never finished mine, still have it bookmarked to finish... I should do that and then continue on with June!)

    Love your inkblots pages!

  9. I just love looking at your pages!
    They are so inspiring.
    I'm really excited that you are doing the 30 day challenge.
    Can't wait!


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