30 May 2011

monday monday.

That's because it's Memorial Day!!  
Which means, no school!
It also means a cook-out with my family, another full day with Adam, and time to play on my new computer.

We have had such a wonderful weekend.
We have done a lot of cleaning, putting stuff into garage sale piles, reading, and eating :)
The sun is finally shining again here in St. Louis which is so refreshing too. 
I spent almost all of yesterday outside in my parent's backyard with the dogs.

Finally, I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the people who have served, and died for our country.  It saddens me to think about wars and fighting and innocent lives lost because of it but I am truly thankful to be part of a country where we have so much freedom and that is due our military who have fought for it.
thank you...

Happy Memorial Day!
What are your fun plans for today?



  1. Great post!! Good reminders :)

  2. we both posted this photo today because are both awesome!

    sounds like wonderful times.

    you are such a ray of sunshine:)


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