11 May 2011

13 days...

Well,  I officially have 13 school days left this year.  I am in the process of packing things up and taking down posters and finishing up projects.  I love my job but I also LOVE summer break :)
Summer break will bring many lovely things, such as...

*pretty hair styles

* fresh peonies

*loads and loads of sunshine

 *  walks at the park with these two :)

* water walking at the pool

* concession stand soft pretzels


* ice cream dates with my honey :)

* and picnics with him too!

Yes, oh yes, I am counting down the days!



  1. What a lovely collection of summery goodness. That picnic blanket is gorgeous -- made by you?

  2. Wow! only 13 days!! Hope they go fast!

    Have a wonderful break! I'm excited cause I actually get a summer break this year too! =) Only my will be filled with late night feeds & lots of dirty diapers! =)

  3. lucky you!!!
    over here, in Québec, I still have 31 days of school.
    I'm sure with these plans you will have a wonderful summer

  4. where did you get that octopus picnic basket?! I'm in love!


  5. i loved looking at these pictures! i am super anxious for summer!! these pictures SCREAM summer. LOVE

  6. I would love to know who makes that octopus picnic basket too! I saw someone with the same basket at the farmer's market but she didn't know where it came from as it was a gift. Hope you can help! Lovely list. :)


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